Emotional Madness with Mary-Ann and Mates

Feb 2019

Join Mary-Ann and mates for a night of poetry and spoken word on Three Wise Monkeys Top Floor!

This event is £3 entry which we will be collecting on the door to go towards the performers’ petrol money!


A poet, novelist, cat lover and self-confessed disco goth (whatever that means), Annie Bell writes on a broad selection of subjects, ranging from death and the afterlife to bullying and mental health; fantastical vampires and lots of local history, to the occasional exploding eyeball. She loves to dabble in the dark art of black humour, while addressing serious issues in a sometimes heartbreaking way. Knowing that her literary heroes are Wilfred Owen, Emily Bronte, Roald Dahl and Terry Pratchett might go a long way to explaining this.

Wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, owned by my cat. Family is important to me. My passions; textiles, art, words and fighting Brexit. Freshly retired from teaching, I’m looking forward to devoting time to be more creative again. Favourite word – serendipity.

Is a poet and writer from Essex. She is co-creator of Mindfizz.org, a mental health and well-being online resource. Dawn has been published in anthologies and magazines around the country including DIVA magazine. She loves charity shops and cats.

A keen traveller who enjoys putting pen to paper whenever possible. Inspired by hardships in life, every poem he writes is a form of therapy, and he feels it’s about time he shared it to more than his leatherback book.

Is a spoken word artist, producer, playwright and multi slam winning poet. She has authored two poetry collections (“Tales From The Estate” and “The Poverty Guide Handbook”) produced her own spoken word album (“Council House and Silent”) and through her poetry is an advocate of the working poor and the welfare dependant. Following a performance at The Bloomsbury Theatre she was described as “the best thing to come out of Essex since Depeche Mode”; a description she strongly believes to be inaccurate. She is a mother to two small children and continues to smoke and swear diligently)

Shauna Murray is fresh from uni a few years late, where she studied Acting and Creative Performance. Now an Absurdist Playwright she has written, directed and produced 3 Absurdist plays in the past year; ‘Dot. Dot. Dot.’, ‘The Conductor’ and ‘Honey Sugar Sweetie Baby’. Her other writing includes poetry, spoken word, magazine articles and her name on the bottom of all those grown up forms. Mostly she’s just here to see if anybody else thinks like she does.

Is Endo warrior Wife , mother and chronic illness fighter. Friend and supporter to other fighters. Transforms struggles with multiple illnesses into art and poetry. Raising awareness of endometriosis and other illnesses, and the plight of those that suffer with invisible illnesses. Giving a voice to the invisible inside.)

Sarah grew up in Maldon, a dirty footed wild child whose parents encouraged her to explore and dare. Her career took precedence in her adult years, and life dealt from the back of pack as often as it dealt the cards straight. She would change nothing. Her poems are often coloured by her Pagan path, one of attunement to nature’s cycle, of the dark and light of life, and of honouring the Gods within and without. She’s been fascinated by words, poetry and performance from childhood. She attends local and regional poetry, storytelling and writing events, reading her poems and telling stories at some. Though she still has dirty feet, she’s not quite so wild now. Sarah lives in Braintree with 2 black cats (who would be miffed not to get a mention!), and her campervan, Hestia.

A Husband, A Father, A foster Dad. A Poet and Artist and daily headache sufferer. Now at his most creative…awaiting an audience!!

Is new to performing her own work but is no stranger to the stage having been a member of a performing arts organisation based in Southern California. She started writing as an outlet for her depression, anxiety and anger with her work focusing on the experience of her identity as a disabled, pansexual, non-monogamous, queer femme. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion and often labelled as a leftie liberal snowflake social justice warrior, feminasty, which are badges she wears with pride. She is a qualified counsellor specialising in working with gender, relationship and sexually diverse communities, public speaker, Diversity and Inclusion consultant and Vice Chair of a national charity.

“Write a short bio about yourself” is not an easy remit! For want of sounding too “up” myself, I do actually love and thrive on being creative. Although I’m still working on my confidence quota, maybe the fact of being bullied pointed me in the direction of amateur theatre, or that that churlish remark from a teacher pushed me to prove that I could get a degree. It’s these pivotal points, plus many more that have led me to running “Ta-Dah!”(www.tadahcre8tiveduktion.com) to train as a Play Therapist, to write musical parodies, to sing, dance, sign and wave a flag or two. For me every single person no matter their age, in/experience, is individually creative and created to be individual and I believe that’s flipping wonderful. And I absolutely love that I can use what I’ve been given to make sure that all ages and abilities keep on finding this out for themselves and then pass it on themselves!)


For most of Mary-Ann’s life she has been in and out of the Mental Health System. On different occasions Mary-Ann has been diagnosed with 3 different conditions such as Borderline Personality disorder, Bi Polar Disorder and most recently Asperger’s which is on the Autistic spectrum in which she does identify with most. One of Mary-Ann gifts is poetry and she found that through her extreme expressions whilst reading she is excellent at manipulating people’s emotions. From Reciting to her audiences she could have them laughing one minute and crying the next.

Writer / Performer, Spoken Word Artist, Magician and occasional Burlesque Girl, Miss Alice d’Lumiere will be performing verse pieces on the subject of gender and identity taken from her new show in development entitled “Speaking Out and Fitting In!