Emotional Madness with Mary-Anna and Mates

May 2019

Join Mary-Ann and mates for a night of poetry and spoken word on Three Wise Monkeys Top Floor!

This event is £3 entry which we will be collecting on the door to go towards the performers’ petrol money!


For most of Mary-Ann’s life she has been in and out of the Mental Health System. On different occasions Mary-Ann has been diagnosed with 3 different conditions such as Borderline Personality disorder, Bi Polar Disorder and most recently Asperger’s which is on the Autistic spectrum in which she does identify with most. One of Mary-Ann gifts is poetry and she found that through her extreme expressions whilst reading she is excellent at manipulating people’s emotions. From Reciting to her audiences she could have them laughing one minute and crying the next.

Writer / Performer, Spoken Word Artist, Magician and occasional Burlesque Girl, Miss Alice d’Lumiere will be performing verse pieces on the subject of gender and identity taken from her new show in development entitled “Speaking Out and Fitting In!

Belinda Baker has been active in the poetry scene in Colchester on and off for the last six years. Her poetry comes from the heart expressing her own life experiences and emotions which resonate with others. She started writing poetry as therapy getting through depression, surviving breast cancer and an abusive marriage, finding the pleasure of release in performance. She describes herself as an armchair activist, community minded and ideas person looking at the positives in any situation.

Serious and confusing, Chloe’s writting Sparks some delusion of herselfs past. She’s been writting since she was 16, she was inspired by a previous lover who wrote a lot of poetry and raps. He taught her a lot. Now she writes in a creative manner playing on words and letting everyone know that it doesn’t take much to start writing poetry, anyone can do it. She feels that her writting is down to the audience to perceive in their own way as she’s not the type of person to make you feel anything or even give you an image of what she’s trying to say, all she can do is speak the words and leave the rest to you.

Gordon Hoyles is quite a character and a gentleman and a fine and experimental artist and poet. I’ve booked him a few times in the past, for the Dovecot Arts Centre poetry gigs and the Cleveland Write Around festival – at a venue in Saltburn. Along the way he has written his poems on the side of gas cooker panels and sold them to passers by outside his former farm in Hebden Bridge and has run an amazing Dada / art sculpture hotel in Harwich where he also ran a Writers Retreat. His performance poems were inspired by anyone who made a noise in society – the market caller, the bagpiper, the racing commentator etc. His play on words and strong delivery had people howling! His wife Blossom has updated his website for anyone interested. He now lives in Walton on the Naze.

Is a poet and writer from Essex. She is co-creator of Mindfizz.org, a mental health and well-being online resource. Dawn has been published in anthologies and magazines around the country including DIVA magazine. She loves charity shops and cats.

Wayne is a Colchester boy and he has been writing poetry since he was in primary school. His other interests are art,philosophy, nature and the paranormal. His poetry is mainly based around life experiences and memories and he has many styles. And can write in classic form to free verse, haiku to limericks. But there’s nothing he likes more than simply making people laugh with his funny poems. Though even some of them have hidden messages or serious undertones…

A keen traveller who enjoys putting pen to paper whenever possible. Inspired by hardships in life, every poem he writes is a form of therapy, and he feels it’s about time he shared it to more than his leatherback book.

A Husband, A Father, A foster Dad. A Poet and Artist and daily headache sufferer. Now at his most creative…awaiting an audience!!

Bio to come.